Field Scribes Examine Case 2317


And the most haunted prison…ever

Sean Wathen and Joshua Dobkin have sold their latest script Case 2317 to Lucky Day Studios.

Described as Paranormal Activity meets Ghost Hunters, the story follows a team of paranormal investigators who enter the most haunted prison in the world, Eastern State Penitentiary. Obviously, something unusual goes down or there wouldn’t be a need to tell the story; sadly, no more details where provided other than the story is told from multiple POV cameras.

Wathen and Dobkin previously sold The Field to Stone Village (the company behind Turistas) in early 2009. Read more about that here.

Case 2317, which will hopefully be re-titled to avoid any connection to Case 39 or sounding like a Session 9 rip-off, is expected to begin shooting this summer.

Source: Shock Till You Drop