Take a Trip to the Zombie Farm


DVD release details within

Maya Entertainment has announced the March 8 unrated DVD release of The Zombie Farm from director Ricardo Islas.

Khotan, Adriana Catano, Roberto Montesinos and Monika Munoz starr in the film.

Synopsis: Part zombie, part voodoo! Desperate to end her husband’s domestic abuse, a young woman seeks asylum from a local voodoo priestess. When warned that her husband (Khotan) may “change” if given a special potion, the abused wife is relieved. But waking up in bed next to a zombie isn’t exactly the transformation she was hoping for. Her once violent husband becomes the leader of a zombie uprising, terrorizing, and then converting the townsfolk into un-dead assassins. Clearly, some things are far worse than death.

Source: Shock Till You Drop