Tapert: Looking at Evil Dead Remake Script


Why does Sam want to see it done again?

Rob Tapert, the man who operates Ghost House Pictures with Sam Raimi, says the long-mooted Evil Dead remake is not dead.

“It’s possible; we’re looking at a script this month,” Tapert told Freep.com during an interview concerning Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. “What’s interesting about ‘Evil Dead’ is very few people saw it in the format we made it for, which is for the theater. … I think Sam wants to embrace the ultimate experience in grueling terror and see it remade for a proper theatrical experience.”

Shock knows a lot of writers and directors who have taken a meeting for the Evil Dead remake gig with the Ghost House team. Hard to believe Tapert and Raimi are still giving it a push.

As usual, avoid any casting rumors from here on out until something is made official.

Source: Freep