Steve Niles’ Wake the Dead Adaptation Resurrected By Slash


Jay Russell still attached to direct

Steve Niles’ modern-day Frankenstein tale Wake the Dead has lingered in development hell for some time.

A big screen adaptation was picking up steam in 2008 and Shock was the first to bring you concept art from the film which has been shepherded by director Jay Russell. He penned a script with James V. Hart. Following that image debut, the project appeared to have gone cold with very few updates to report.

Over the weekend, however, Wake the Dead, it was revealed, has a new champion in guitarist Slash and his genre production outfit Slasher Films. Niles told Hero Complex that Slasher Films and Michael Williams and Rob Eric’s Scout Productions are now overseeing the development of the property.

Niles told Hero Complex: “When Jay and I met with Slash we immediately connected on our love of horror and the way we wanted to see horror films made. I never dreamed in a million years I’d get to meet Slash, let alone work with him. I’m thrilled.”

Shortly after Wake the Dead was published as a comic book in 2004, Dimension Films had acquired the story and placed Michael Dougherty on screenwriting duties. After the rights languished, Niles found Russell and Hart to come aboard.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Hero Complex