Lawsuit Waiting to Happen: Scream 4 Your Life


Slasher film uses horror icon to promote film

Clearwater Production has hit the press circuit to announce their latest indie effort, Scream 4 Your Life, and they’re using the below artwork to tout the project. That’s like using Michael Myers’ visage to promote your slasher film, no? Ghost Face is as much a trademarked character as any of the other big screen killers.

Granted, this is just artwork to stir up interest, but why use something that’s associated with a completely separate franchise? Well, I know why: Because Scream 4 is on the way. Ghost Face generates interest and so on… Anyway, Devanny Pinn will star in the film directed by Eric Pereira, second AD on Piranha 3D (and a production assistant on Cloverfield, says his IMDb page).

Shooting begins soon in Los Angeles on this tale of a genre actress who had quit show business because of an obsessive stalker a decade prior. She now finds herself in a ruthless game of death with a serial killer who is imitating fan-favorite “kill scenes” from her most popular films. The stakes are risen when those closest to her become the pawns in these grisly re-enactments and she learns that her former stalker may not actually be the one behind these gruesome acts of horror movie-inspired excessiveness.

Source: Shock Till You Drop