Latest Apollo 18 Viral Gets Strong SETI Signal


The sci-fi thriller opening April 22

If you’re into viral movie marketing, you should be paying close attention to the official site for Apollo 18, the “what if?” found footage film opening on April 22 that chronicles the eponymous moon mission and poses evidence that mankind may have encountered something extraterrestrial and something terrifying.

Head to this section of the official site, where document leaks have been occurring over the last few weeks. You’ll need a password to access the most recent file which you can get a peek at below (type in “vbg” the call sign for the Vandenberg Air Force Base).

Overall, the documents (some are blacked out) are pointing to possible evidence of otherworldly life. The document that went up today concerns a strong Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) signal.

You can get buried in the site, toying with the passwords and reading the docs. It defintiely builds a sense of mystery. Check it out and keep tabs on the film’s Facebook page where links to real-life science happenings are posted (there was a launch just recently at Vandenberg). And, obviously, look for the film on April 22.

Source: Shock Till You Drop