Tom Shankland Explores Dark Corners


The Children director joins the horror thriller

Tom Shankland, the director of Ghost House’s 2008 The Children has signed on to direct Dark Corners for A Bigger Boat and GreenStreet Films, the company announced today.

Arriving with a script from E.L. Katz and Tim Day, Dark Corners is based on on an idea by Producers Peter Block and Andy Gould. The official description is as follows:

Dark Corners revolves around Jess, a beautiful blind college girl who is tormented by a methodic killer who knows her well, and therefore knows what terrifies her. He is motivated by sadistic revenge, but she turns her apparent weakness into a strength and fights back.

“This is a cat-n-mouse thriller in the spirit of ‘Wait Until Dark’ and ‘Panic Room’,” says Block, “that gives you someone to root for, someone to fear and something going bump in the night.”

“Dark Corners will be Hitchcock re-imagined for a modern audience who love to be scared in the dark,” adds Shankland. “I’ve always loved films where characters have very limited choices and tools to solve problems and survive, and then mining suspense from these claustrophobic situations.”

Source: ShockTillYouDrop