Huntington: Dylan Dog Opening in April?


Actor thinks it might hit the U.S. soon

When actors talk about anything beyond their field of expertise – such as film marketing, distribution – you really have to take everything with a grain of salt. However, sometimes actors are privy to such information.

Is Sam Huntington, star of Being Human, one of those guys? He seems to know the inside tip on when we might see Dylan Dog: Dead of Night here in the U.S.

Talking to the Dark Lord Bunnykins blog, he said this about the film: “Honestly, I had so much fun making that movie. It was such a ridiculous ride, and I think that the movie ultimately is that. So I’m really pleased that we kind of all knew what we were getting into when we signed on, and I had so much fun playing the character. And I think it’s coming out in April. I heard that a couple of days ago.”

He’s pretty tight with Dylan director Kevin Munroe, so he might just be right. As always, though, don’t hold your breath until some official details come in.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is poised to make its Italian premiere soon.

Source: Dark Lord Bunnykins