Latest Night Stalker Biopic To Be Done by Franco?


127 Hours star to direct

James Franco is reportedly set to star in a Richard Ramirez film that he will also direct.

Ramirez is the serial killer known as “the Night Stalker” and has been the subject of various television specials and feature films.

Get this, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell is going to co-produce with Nicolas Constantine, credited screenwriter on the project which is currently being called The Night Stalker. The film will delve into Ramirez’s background and detail his murder spree. He is currently serving his time in a California prison.

“This isn’t a horror film, nor does it glorify Ramirez in any way,” Constantine told the NY Post. “James Franco shares that vision, and we all agree that he is absolutely the one actor, and now director, who can truly do this very intense role and story justice.”

Source: NY Post