NECA Giving You Options With Ghost Face Figure


New photo of revised toy

Scream fans who were not keen on NECA’s decision to use fabric on its upcoming Ghost Face action figure (arriving in April) are now getting a choice as to which toy to buy.

Randy Falk of NECA spoke to the Examiner and dropped the following news: “We have heard from some of the fan community that they are not happy with the mixed mediums and the use of soft goods which is disappointing but in an effort to please everyone we are going to make a running change in the production and switch to a sculpted skirt. That way both versions are on the market and those who don’t mind the fabric and want to pose the legs more can buy the initial soft goods version and those who prefer the fully sculpted all plastic figure can wait and purchase that version. We listen and value the fan’s opinions and want to try to satisfy everyone. So here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the lower part of the figure will be revised. We are keeping the fabric on the sleeves as I really don’t like how this looks sculpted and again we want people to pose and articulate the arms and have the fabric move with it in a way that makes logical sense, like how fabric or a long sleeve like that would really move in real life.”

Take a look at the revised Ghost Face below. More images can be found right here. An image of the “mixed medium” Ghost Face, which put fans in an uproar, is here.

Source: Examiner