Next X-Files: No Script, but Everyone’s “Game”


It’s all on Fox now

After the truly strange and misguided X-Files: I Wan to Believe, are audiences ready for another film culled from The X-Files mythology? It doesn’t matter, the X-Files team is ready and they’re awaiting on the studio (Fox).

Duchovny, who was quoted in the foreign press saying a script is being written (that turned out to be false), spoke to Showbiz Spy about the possibility of the next film and he said that Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson are “game.”

“We’re all like this little X-Files family and I, for one, would love to continue. And I think there’s a lot left in the show. You know? And I think we can continue to make good movies. It’s just a matter of spending enough on a movie that can compete in the summertime. We made a movie and released it in the summer, but it wasn’t really a blockbuster movie. And it got kind of overshadowed by the bigger ones. So, we’re saying, make us big. We’ll fight with the big boys.”

If Chris Carter were to follow through on the X-Files mythology, he could “go big” by throwing Mulder and Scully into a full-scale alien invasion that the series said would always occur in 2012.

Plenty of alien fare is hitting the screen this year and 2012 is less than 12 months away at this point…

Source: Showbiz Spy