Simon Hunter Adds Two More Movies to “To Do” List


Werewolves and obituaries…

Since Mutant Chronicles, director Simon Hunter is trying to make a film stick.

He’s been attached to thrillers like Curve and Safe House, but neither of them seem to have started production. So why not add two more projects to his line-up?

According to the man’s official site, he has been attached to helm Full Moon Fever, the script about werewolves on the moon that refuses to stay down (Renny Harlin was in line to direct).

He’s also circling The Obituary by Andy Briggs which tells of a series of murders that are foretold in the obituary columns of the daily newspaper.

So what’s really next? Who knows. Curve and Safe House were announced in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Hey, it’s a new year, perhaps he’ll get lucky with something…

Source: Official Simon Hunter Site