Lionsgate Announces DVD Dates for the After Dark Originals


Prowl and Husk details

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has set its DVD/VOD release date for two After Dark Originals which are slated to open in theaters January 28.

On March 29, LGE will debut Husk and Prowl on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand. The two all-new films provide a higher quality of horror, fully developed and produced by After Dark. Husk and Prowl will both have a limited theatrical release on January 28th.

Husk is based on the Sundance Film Festival short. When crows collide with the windshield of their car, a young group of friends are left stranded next to a desolate cornfield. The friends seek out help from the single-standing farmhouse they see, but they quickly figure out that the only solace they have are each other when the house they have stumbled upon is actually the center of the supernatural.

Read our exclusive interview with Husk director Brett Simmons right here.

Here’s the synopsis for Prowl: Intended to be a brief escape from their small town turns deadly for a group of young friends. While en route to the city to apartment hunt, their car breaks down and leaves the friends stranded on the side of the road. They are able to hitch a ride in the back of a cargo truck but when the driver later refuses to stop, the friends realize that they are stowed away with hundreds of cartons of blood. All too quickly the truck arrives in an abandoned warehouse where they’re left as prey for bloodthirsty vampires.

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Source: Shock Till You Drop