Banderas Pic from Almodovar’s Skin I Inhabit


Coming soon from Sony

An unsettling look at Pedro Almodovar’s thriller The Skin I Inhabit has made its way online. The director describes the film as something that might rest happily in the horror genre, but of course he’s doing a “horror movie” his way, so expect the unexpected.

Antonio Banderas plays plastic surgeon Dr. Ledgard, a man whose wife perished burnt in a car crash. Following her death, he gets interested in the creation of a new type of skin that could have saved his wife. Twelve years later he succeeds in cultivating it at his lab, taking advantage in the advance made on cellular therapy. To get to his goal he doesn’t doubt in trespassing the ethical limit of the transgenesis with human beings. But this will not be the only crime he will commit.

Sony Classic picked the film up for U.S. distribution.

Source: c7nema