Writer IS NOT Doing Paranormal Activity 3


UPDATED: Landon says that his involvement is still tentative

In the press announcement we received for Burning Palms, it was stated that Christopher Landon was reprising his duties as screenwriter on Paranormal Activity 3.

This credit has been on the writer/director’s IMDB profile for weeks now. The press release for Palms only backs that up, however, our reps state that this IS NOT TRUE.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing official word about the threequel in the coming months.

Landon also co-penned last year’s Paranormal Activity 2. You can check out the red band trailer for Landon’s Burning Palms right here.

UPDATE: Shock Till You Drop received the following statement from Landon in regard to the film during an interview about Burning Palms.

“I’m sort of on the fence about ‘Paranormal Activity 3’,” he said, “We’re kind of going back and forth on that one. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not.”

It sounds like, while he’s not entirely ruled the project out, it may not be the sure thing that it once was. Check back soon for the full Landon interview.

Source: Shock Till You Drop