A Clip from Dead Space: Aftermath


Something is wrong on the USG O’Bannon

In anticipation of the video game release Dead Space 2, Anchor Bay is preparing Dead Space: Aftermath, another animated feature film. The Bay is planning to debut the flick on January 25.

The year is 2509 and not only has Earth lost contact with the USG Ishimura and Isaac Clarke, but also the USG O’Bannon, which is the first responder ship sent to rescue them. Four crew members of the O’Bannon have survived, but no one knows what happened to the rest of the crew, what they were doing, or what secrets they may be holding. All will be revealed…in the Aftermath!

Judging by the clip, it looks like they went full-tilt CG animation as opposed to the traditional anime we saw on display in the first Dead Space direct-to-DVD film.

Source: Shock Till You Drop