Apartment 1303 Remakes Casts Up


Who’s locked and who’s unconfirmed?

John Diehl (Jurassic Park III) and Jullianne Michelle are set to star in Apartment 1303 for director Daniel Fridell and writers Jim Steele and Michele Taverna.

The IMDB listing for this film also has Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay and Robert Blanche credited as starring, but that is unconfirmed until we hear something more official.

Apartment 1303 is a remake of Ataru Oikawa’s 2007 chiller about a mother grieving over the mysterious death of her daughter who jumped from the 13th floor of her apartment. With her surviving daughter, the mother sets out to learn more about the residence which has a history of suicides.

Source: Shock Till You Drop