More from James Cameron About Mountains of Madness


How far along is pre-production?

Since our own chat with James Cameron, we haven’t heard much more from him about At the Mountains of Madness which he’ll produce with Guillermo del Toro.

During a recent press function, however, he provided FearNET with an update:

“We’re very, very actively pre-producing the film right now with Universal. The design work is phenomenal, both the three-dimensional and two-dimensional design work, the physical maquettes, the CG test scenes; the artwork is phenomenal. The fans certainly won’t want for a visual feast with this film. But there’s [still] a bunch of number-crunching and “How you gonna do it?” and “How you gonna make it?”; “Where you gonna do it?” All that stuff.”

We’d love to see those conceptual pieces!

Del Toro, last we heard, is gearing up for a June start. Fingers crossed it happens.

Source: FearNET