It’s the Monsters Director Versus Godzilla!


Reboot is picking up steam

The Legendary Pictures-produced reboot of Godzilla has a director.

Heat Vision reports British filmmaker Gareth Edwards is going to tackle the film. He directed last year’s Monsters, a film that divided audiences who didn’t quite expect the titular beasts to take the back seat to a love story.

Well, the man’s next movie is all “monster” and we couldn’t be more eager to see how he handles big G. He pulled off the creatures of his low budget endeavor with skill and kept them mostly a mystery, I thought, I’m curious to see his approach with Godzilla, who the audience will expect to be front and center at almost all times.

Edwards is now going to work with Legendary on finding the right writer. Right now, the game plan is to get the film in theaters sometime in 2012.

Source: Heat Vision