Weinsteins 2.0 Buy Stake in Starz, Home for Horror Sequels


Scream, Halloween and more

The Weinsteins, Harvey and Bob, are pulling themselves out of a rut, forging new, and rekindling old, allegiances.

Last month, the brothers struck a deal with the new Miramax owners so sequels and television projects can be spun from library titles like From Dusk Till Dawn and The Amityville Horror.

Starz and the Weinsteins have now announced today that the brothers have bought a 25% stake in Starz. The deal means you can expect to see future Weinstein Company and Dimension Films titles to come out through Anchor Bay Home Entertainment, a division of Starz.

Sequels to Scream, Spy Kids, and Scary Movie franchises, and new installments in the Hellraiser, Halloween, and Children of the Corn film series.

“We are thrilled to partner with Starz and appreciate the commitment of Liberty Media in bolstering Anchor Bay, allowing it to become a much bigger player in non-theatrical distribution,” offered Bob and Harvey Weinstein in a joint statement. “We hope this strategic partnership is a first step in not only making Anchor Bay a home for our product, but in potentially housing other companies’ product as well, giving quality independent films the kind of care needed in today’s marketplace.”

“Housing other companies’ product as well” catches my interest right away. Are they implying that the new Miramax, which has not announced a DVD/Blu-Ray distributor for the library it acquired, might eventually carry over to Anchor Bay as well?

Source: Press Release