Dated Update on Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss


Director says film is out of her hands

Thanks to Brad over at Bloody-Disgusting for pointing this out, but the quotes they pulled are over two months old now, but hey, it’s an update we haven’t heard yet.

It’s regarding Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss, a film that made our 2010 MIA list. Apparently, there have been some creative disputes surrounding post-production.

Lynch spoke to Fenil and Bollywood in late October and said this: “Hisss was taken away from me in the edit. I have no idea what the film looks like. I came close to a directors’ cut, which Mallika, Venus and producers (Govind Menon and Vikram Singh) referred to as ‘European, languid and sensual’ all the things I thought were compliments. Apparently, that did not make them happy. I have no idea what is out there. Good or bad, I cannot take credit for it. Aside from shots and performances that I pray have not been butchered.”

Yikes. That explains the delays… Still no word as to when we’ll see the creature feature.

Source: Fenil and Bollywood