About That Ghost Face Action Figure…


Rights holder speaks out about “prototype”

Everyone had something to say about the unfinished first look at NECA’s new Ghost Face figure that’s arriving just in time for Scream 4. Some of it positive. Some negative.

Well, R.J. Torbert of Fun World (the rights holders of the Ghost Face visage) talked with Examiner and spoke out about the toy:

First, I would like to congratulate NECA on a job well done. As I have mentioned in earlier interviews there are “reasons” for things unfolding the way they have and I extol their ability and determination on this project. I also think they were very gracious in releasing a “prototype” image of the figure to the “SCREAM” “GHOSTFACE” followers instead of a “production” figure. By doing this they showed appreciation and respect to the fans which I think is terrific. Yes, there has been “some” criticism which everyone is entitled to do when giving their opinion. There have even been some comments such as. “Who let this pass?” The answer is me. The buck stops here at this office when it comes to GHOSTFACE and the approvals so the criticism can be directed at me or my office should they decide to do so.

I was in constant contact with Neca thru [sic] the stages including while I was in Hong Kong. They are a terrific group of hard working people who I think did something original with the mixture of cloth and plastic and I’m confident the sales results will make it a very successful item and quite possibly a collectors piece.

He also talks about the rumored “zombie” Ghost Face figure. Check it out here.

Source: Examiner