Slash Still Has Plans for the Horror Genre


Wants to put out 2 to 3 movies a year

Guitarist Slash has big ambitions for horror.

Early October yielded the news that he was partnering with Scout Productions (Session 9) to create Slasher Films, a production outfit through which Slash and Scout’s Rob Eric would do a few horror films.

Nothing to Fear, by Jonathan W.C. Mills, as the first project to be announced and in an interview with Artist Direct, Slash recently spoke about his endeavor…

“We’re going to be putting out two, maybe three movies per year. They’ll be really high quality, very character-driven, and insanely scary horror movies. They’re not going to be scary in the sense that you’re waiting for a monster to come out and cut off someone’s arm. They’re going to be psychologically scary and intense. They’ll hearken back to those great movies of the ’60s and ’70s and even way before that. I think when “A Nightmare on Elm Street” came out was the last stretch of really great horror movies. Then everything sort of went gore.”

He added that after he made his announcement a few months back, other companies looking to get involved came a-callin’, so we’ll see if Nothing to Fear gets rolling early next year as planned.

Source: Artist Direct