Official Details for Darren Bousman’s 11-11-11


Start date, plot for mystery thriller

Darren Bousman is presently in Barcelona and in pre-production on 11-11-11, produced by Wayne Rice’s Capacity Pictures and Canónigo Films.

Filming begins on January 17, 2011. The concept is based on the 11:11 phenomenon, whereby the 11th of the 11th month of the year 2011 at 11h 11m the eleventh door will open and supernatural entities will enter the Earth. A mysterious theory of numerology which assures that 11 is a warning from celestial guardian angels who throughout history have tried to communicate with humans.

The Bousman-penned script centers on the lives of three people affected by this strange event.

Joseph successful best-seller writer devastated after losing his wife and son under tragic circumstances and who regularly attends therapy. Richard, his father and priest of a small rural congregation suffers a terminal illness that keeps him at death´s door, and Samuel his brother, also a priest, is confined to a wheelchair. A family that has hardly been in touch for many years and finally gets together when Joseph decides to travel to his home village to visit his dying father. Plot thickens once Joseph begins to undergo a series of nightmares and visions all related to the same phenomenon of 11:11, and with a series of strange paranormal events that have been unfolding in the church adjacent to his home.

Stay tuned for casting details as they come in. Check out early tease art right here.

Bousman has Mother’s Day arriving in theaters April 1.

Source: Shock Till You Drop