First Stills from Jason Miller’s Infected


The monster isn’t the only problem

Filmmaker Jason Miller, one of the dudes behind-the-scenes on many Adam Green efforts, has a new flick on the way called Infected.

It stars Hatchet II‘s Alexis Peters and Brian Collins as the Monster. With cameos from AJ Bowen, Adam Green and David Foy.

The film also calls on Hatchet vets Will Barratt (cinematographer), Andy Garfield, who did sound and score, and Robert Pendergraft and Aunt Dolly’s Garage did the Creature & Make-Up FX.

This will be hitting the film fest circuit shortly. The story is pretty simple: Shelly can’t escape the monster pursuing her, but when she fights back the real horror begins.

Enjoy the pics!

Source: Shock Till You Drop