Details on Ghost Story Coming to DVD Shadows


The pirates are coming….

Actor Alan Collett finds himself marooned on a mysterious island starring in the new supernatural ghost story, The Shadows, releasing January 4th on DVD by Midnight Releasing.

The Shadows follows five friends seeking refuge in an abandoned islands lighthouse after a near fatal collision with an unknown vessel. As they start to settle in, odd noises, strange artifacts and mysterious shadows emerge, bringing the group’s personal conflicts and secrets to the surface. When they receive a frantic warning that pirates are coming, the friends start questioning what is real and what is surreal on this mysterious island. Before long they must prepare to defend themselves against the foreboding “shadows” that threaten to take their souls.

Collett not only stars in the film, but also produced the ghost tale

under his Victory of the People Productions banner, explaining, “I’ve produced and directed many plays in the past, but this film has been the most exciting and challenging project I’ve been a part of.”

The Shadows was shot in just 14 days and almost completely in chronological order. In addition, the entire lighthouse set was built on a sound stage with all the rooms attached exactly as they appear in the movie.

Source: Shock Till You Drop