Ron Howard: Who’s Going to Be Roland in the Dark Tower?


A couple of names to throw into the ring

Ron Howard concluded a week of Dark Tower talk with an interview in the L.A. Times.

He discusses some thing we’ve already heard before regarding the mammoth adaptations of the Stephen King novels which will stretch across three films and a television series.

So who will play the gunslinger known as Roland? Here’s what the Times gleaned from they’re discussion:

The character is a fan-favorite and Howard knows that the casting will be closely scrutinized. As this point in the process, most filmmakers would never engage in casual banter about the possible actors but Howard didn’t dodge the topic and nodded when names such as Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm were mentioned.

Viggo Mortensen, Howard was quick to note, is also a fan favorite on various message boards.

For the full discussion: Follow this link.

Source: L.A. Times