UK Gets Choose Before the U.S.


The new thriller with Katheryn Winnick

Here’s the latest on Choose, the Saw-esque thriller we last brought you an update on at the start of the year.

Katheryn Winnick stars a young woman who is preyed upon by a killer nicknamed “Scarlip” (played by Nicholas Tucci). Bruce Dern and Kevin Pollak also star. It looks like the directorial debut of Marcus Graves is hitting DVD in the UK on January 24 if you have a region-free player.

That’s the artwork to the left.

Synopsis: The peace and tranquility of an idyllic, suburban city is suddenly broken. Behind a picket fence and manicured lawn, teenager Sara awakens, startled as a rush of cold air gently pushes he bedroom door open.

Across the hall her parents’ bedroom door lies ajar and as her eyes adjust to the darkness she finds her parents gagged and tied to the bed. Knocked unconscious she is later awoken by a deranged killer and given sixty seconds to make a simple choice: who dies, her mother or her father?

Source: Shock Till You Drop