First Look at France’s Forbidden House


What is out there in the hole?

From writer-director Hélène Angel comes Propriété interdite (or, Forbidden House), a new French thriller we were tipped off to thanks to the gang at 24fps.

The film, starring Valérie Bonneton and Charles Berling, opens next month in France, and while there is no trailer yet, there is a synopsis to chew on and a gallery of images to peruse.

Bonneton and Berling play Claire and Benoît, respectively, who arrive in the country to sell the family home in which Claire’s brother recently committed suicide. Benoît wants to start work as soon as possible to sell at the best price, but even from the first night, Claire is convinced they are not alone in the house. Worried that his wife’s fragile psychological state may be on the edge of cracking, Benoît does his best to reassure her there’s nothing to worry about – until the day he finds a hole in the garden, just on the edge of the woods. A hole that leads right into the cellar… Who or what is coming into the house?

Source: 24 frames per second, Allocine