Depp Offers Status on Dark Shadows


“It’s gotten f**kin’ good.”

When you have the schedules that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, you wouldn’t want to tell a reporter any project you’re at work on is a “sure thing.”

That’s why you’ll only hear rumors from “insiders” that Dark Shadows will be shooting next year.

Talk to Depp, though, and you get a quote like the one he gave Vanity Fair in their latest issue: “That’s something I want to do. The script is close now, really close, and, you know, it’s just a question of myself and Tim and the writer, basically the three of us, getting together and signing off on various scenarios. But it’s really gotten good. In the last three weeks, it’s gotten f**kin’ good.”

He doesn’t sound so sure that Shadows will be next. He’s a busy guy. Burton’s busy. Seth Grahame-Smith, the latest writer on board, is gaining popularity, too.

So, will spring yield a production start on Dark Shadows? Not sure yet. Fingers crossed.

Source: Vanity Fair