Choice Cuts X: Best & Worst of 2010 Preview


With our special FearNET guest

Lawrence Raffel, one of the big dogs at FearNET, has been a longtime friend. When we do get together we try not to talk too much about work, but as fans, the topic of “horror” and what we’ve seen on the screen is inevitable. We’re both passionate about the genre and Lawrence was someone I’ve wanted on Choice Cuts for some time. Since we’re nearing the end of 2010, I felt it was appropriate to bring him in to reflect on the best and worst horror offerings of the year.

Consider this as a preview to what make our “top” lists hitting FearNET and Shock later this month.

It’s another two-part discussion, folks, so settle in for an episode that’s sure to drum up opinions in our comment boards. Enjoy the video below and stay tuned next week for more…

Also, I’m aware that a lot of you want these available as a podcast, and I’ve voice those requests to the elder Gods that own this site. Trying to make it happen!

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Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor