Chain Letter DVD Art, Details


Arriving in an unrated release

Chain Letter came and went at the theater.

The Deon Taylor-directed thriller opened in limited release in early October and now it’s coming to DVD through Image Entertainment on February 1. The unrated version contains new footage not seen in the theatrical release.

Nikki Reed stars as Jessie, a high-school student addicted to her laptop and cell phone – to every mode of cyber-speech. But suddenly this communication turns from amusement to menace. She and six of her friends become the subjects of a chain letter that is much more than the usual combination of annoyance and guilt. Arriving through e-mail and text message, the letter carries a threat: that if it is not passed on, the party to blame faces an unexpected, horrible death.

Unstoppable and barely believable…this is a message that cannot be deleted. But to forward this message on would ensure the death of a friend – does one save or be saved? As time runs out, the lethal letter’s instructions become more challenging – it is up to the survivors to find who is behind these deadly dispatches: before they are dispatched themselves.

Source: Shock Till You Drop