Evidence Trailer: What the Hell Is That Thing?


Sneak peek at new “faux” doc thriller

Trends in Hollywood reverberate through the indie filmmaking scene. So, right now we’re seeing a good deal of indie writers and directors turning to the “faux” documentary or “found footage” structure for inspiration. There are promising looking films coming our way and there are straight-up copycats that don’t appeal to me.

The trailer for Evidence was introduced to Shock today and, I’ll admit, the latter half of the trailer grabbed me. The set-up of the story seems familiar: Bunch of kids in the woods. Someone’s got a camera for a “documentary.” They spy something unusual in their travels. But then the shit hits the fan and “the thing” these kids are trying to get evidence of isn’t so camera shy as it was in the beginning of their journey. Really curious about this one now.

Stay tuned for more details. Head to EvidencetheFilm.com in the meantime.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor