More Details on Sullivan’s Teenage Werebear


Cast and plot revealed…

Gay adult superstar Brent Corrigan has just wrapped the leading role in writer-director Tim Sullivan’s segment of the horror-comedy

anthology feature film Chillerama.

An homage to the drive-in movies of the ’50s and ’60s, Chillerama is a collaboration between Sullivan and fellow filmmakers Adam Rifkin, Adam Green and Joe Lynch.

“Each one of us is doing homage to a different genre and style,” explained Sullivan. “I chose the surf musicals of the ’60s crossed with Lost Boys and Twilight. As a gay man, I’ve always been drawn to the queer subtext in films depicting teenage angst, whether it be James Dean’s relationship to Sal Mineo in Rebel Without a Cause or Zac Efron’s emotional tug of war between sports and theater in High School Musical. With our fight for equality reaching a fever pitch, I felt it was time to fully embrace the gay undertones that peppered my previous films, and this time bring them front and center.”

Entitled I Was a Teenage Werebear and featuring five rock and roll musical dance numbers penned by the director himself, Sullivan’s entry follows a day in the life of Ricky O’Reilly, the closeted new kid who falls for Talon; Malibu High’s mysterious bad boy. When aroused, the two transform into bestial leather daddies, the titular “Werebears.”

With Anton Troy cast as Talon and Gabby West (winner of the VH1,

Sullivan-hosted reality series Scream Queens) cast as Ricky’s clueless girlfriend, Peggy Lou, the search was on for an actor with teen idol appeal who could sing, dance and pull off the wide range of emotions required for the leading role. Surprisingly, the search ended when Sullivan cast Corrigan (credited in the film by his birth name Sean Paul Lockhart), having seen his comedic performance as Stan the Merman in filmmaker Todd Stephens’ cult comedy Another Gay Sequel.

Currently in post-production, Chillerama is set for release 2011.

Source: Shock Till You Drop