FX Vet Woodruff Directing Sideshow


Now scouting locations

Tom Woodruff, Jr. has done his share of everything. Predominantly, he’s a makeup FX wizard. On occasion, he’s a creature performer. Over the last few years, though, he’s cut his teeth in the director’s chair with My Cousin’s Keeper, the story of a mentally handicapped man who is brought along on a drug deal that doesn’t go so hot.

In an article at the Sun Gazette, it was revealed Woodruff is presently scouting locations for a film called Sideshow. It will be his feature directorial debut.

Little is known about the film, even after reading the Sun Gazette’s article. Woodruff is keeping the plot quiet for now but said it involves freaks (as you might have guessed) and a doctor. He’s aiming for a PG-13 rating and hopes to have it in theaters by Halloween 2012.

As you might suspect, Woodruff’s ADI outfit will provide FX. More details as the come in…

Source: Sun Gazette