Screenwriter Addresses Zombieland 2 Rumors


A new star cameo? Think again…

The rumor game has become mighty messy these last few months. Lots of rumors, not a whole lot of facts. Gossip hit the web last week regarding Zombieland 2 in which one outlet reported the team behind the upcoming sequel was seeking the next “star cameo” (similar to Bill Murray’s turn).

A few names were thrown around. None of them true, it seems. Rhett Reese would know. He’s the co-writer. And via his Twitter account over the weekend, he stated: “The Zombieland 2 rumors reported today are false. The Zombieland 2 rumors feel like they were the product of a game of “telephone.” Distorted.”

Director Ruben Fleischer is expected to return for the next installment. Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are said to be game to be back as well.

Source: Shock Till You Drop