Smith to Auction Off Red State


Taking “bidding war” to a new level

If his horror film Red State gets into Sundance in 2011, Kevin Smith says he intends to auction it off.

“My plan is to pick the Red State distributor right there – IN THE ROOM – auction style,” he tells /Film. “Might even bring up a professional auctioneer to make it fun and unintelligible. And if you’re a multi-millionaire who can’t make it to the first screening of Red State, fear not: maybe we’ll set up an eBay page for the post-screening bid-calling as well.”

Deal-making is usually a high stress experience, especially if the film up for grabs is in demand, involving phone calls and bids occurring behind-the-scenes. Hopefully, a camera will be placed in Smith’s auction room so we can see potential distributors go head-to-head out in the open.

You can keep tabs on the progress of Smith’s film through this free podcast. Check out a teaser poster right here (you can also get more details on the film via that link).

Source: /Film