IFC Debuts Prey This December


Are there werewolves in the woods?

IFC continues its acquisition-for-VOD frenzy, picking up Antoine Blossier’s Prey.

The French thrillr will be available on demand December 1 with a limited theatrical run taking place December 3. Behind the scenes stills can be found here. Here’s the official synopsis:

One night, several deer hurl themselves unexpectedly against the electric fence of a farm. Seeing deep signs of biting on the animals’ bodies, the farm owners realise that a predator is roaming about the neighbouring woods. Having determined to hunt it down, the farmer and his family penetrate deep into the surrounding forest. They look with bewilderment at the dying environment ravaged by a mysterious evil force. As the sun slowly sinks away, howling resounds through the forest. The hunters have become prey…

Source: Shock Till You Drop