Alan Roberts’ Wire Hangers Collected!


Now in comic shops everywhere

IDW has collected Alan Roberts’ four-issue horror comic book series “Wire Hangers” into a gruesome graphic novel.

Nick Principe (Laid to Rest) is featured on the cover in makeup FX by Almost Human’s Robert Hall. Mike Zeck of “Punisher” fame provided the foreword.

“The story takes place in New York City during what appears to be a crime epidemic,” explains Robert, bassist for Life of Agony and frontman for Spoiler NYC. “People are being snatched off the streets with no rhyme or reason. When hot shot reporter, Anna Davis, puts herself in harms way to snag the big exclusive, she stumbles upon more than she bargained for. An intertwined cast of characters are introduced, somehow connected by their pasts. They are led by the disfigured anti-hero, Cypra, who takes it upon himself to seek revenge on the abductors. The series builds to an unexpected climax and only few will survive the first series.”

“Wire Hangers” is available now.

Source: Shock Till You Drop