Speculation & Clarification: The Scream 4 Action Figure


Plot spoilers or no plot spoilers?

So, last night, the Idle Hands toy blog backed up on-going rumors that NECA was now handling the Scream franchise and that new Ghost Face action figures were going to be released in time for Scream 4.

Idle reported that NECA was going to issue a standard Ghost Face figure and a “zombie” Ghost Face figure, which had the site’s author and various horror sites shocked that a possible “major twist” in the upcoming sequel has been revealed.

Nothing’s been spoiled.

If one does just a bit of digging, the same speculation came about when Fun World – the creators of the Ghost Face mask – made the “zombie” Ghost Face visage which hit stores this Halloween. The zombie mask, as Fun World’s reps stated, was created and sent to the Scream 4 production as “inspiration” for the filmmakers and it’s unclear if that mask was used in the film.

Since Fun World owns the rights to the Ghost Face visage, it’s likely they merely gave NECA clearance to take some creative liberties to make a “zombie” Ghost Face figure based on their new mask. If you recall, Fun World also created a “Scarecrow” Ghost Face…again, it’s unknown if that even factors into

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor