On the Horror Market: Sleepwalker, The Follower


Don’t fall asleep…

At any given time there are tons of horror scripts circulating in Hollywood waiting for a home. And lately, in the journalism game, it has become fashionable to get the word out about some of these scripts – even though they might not ever get bought or even made. Regardless, I find it fascinating to see what’s out there, especially in a climate where familiarity sells (remakes) and sequels remain profitable. So, welcome to “On the Horror Market” – an occasional column where we’ll look at what’s out there.

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Now, a look at two recent thrillers that hit the streets…

Christopher Borrelli is shopping around a new script called Sleepwalker. No, it’s not based on the comic book character of the same name.

This story concerns a mysterious event turns the world’s population into an army of coordinated sleepwalkers, hunting down the few who remain awake. An insomniac leads a small group in their quest to survive, find his daughter, and rescue what’s left of the world’s population. Sounds a bit like I Am Legend meets the sweet tension of not being able to sleep, or else you turn into a pod person, in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Borrelli penned the 2007 thriller Whisper which starred Lost‘s Josh Holloway.

Next, is The Follower, about a recovering alcoholic who gets addicted to the thrill of stalking strangers until she discovers her new found obsession is perhaps more dangerous than it appears.

Tony Giglio (Death Race 2) scripted this one.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor