Hear the Latest Buzz? The Swarm is Being Remade!


Michael Caine likely not coming back

What’s next, FrogsSquirm?! Hollywood knows no end to the remake craze…

This afternoon, The Wrap broke the news that a redo of 1978’s The Swarm is in the works with producers Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment and Steven Schneider of Room 101.

Directed by “disaster movie” auteur, Irwin Allen, The Swarm posed the question: What would happen if killer African bees invaded America? Well, they’d drive our cities into chaos! And Michael Caine, star of the original, would turn in a top-notch (insert sarcasm) “performance.”

Katharine Ross, Richard Widmark and Richard Chamberlain co-starred.

Ash Bolland will direct the remake, although there is no writer yet.

Source: The Wrap