Ron Jeremy is a Terrifying Playbear


Viral image for Sullivan’s Chillerama segment

Good morning! Want some man boobs to kick off your morning? Then look no further than the below image, a copy of “Playbear” with Ron Jeremy as the poster boy. It’s a tie-in, apparently, to Tim Sullivan’s segment of the horror anthology Chillerama. Adam Green, Joe Lynch and Adam Rifkin are also contributing to the project.

Green, in a previous interview, said Sullivan’s segment is “I was a Teenage Werebear. In gay culture there’s a term ‘Bear’ for guys that are big hairy burly men, and his has kind of a Rebel Without A Cause-type feel.”

Lynch is directing Zombie Movie, Green’s contribution is The Diary of Anne Frankenstein and Rifkin is at work on Waszilla. No word yet as to when we’ll see Chillerama hit the screen.

Source: Dread Central