AMC is Now Seeking The Walking Dead


Ready to attend zombie school?

A notice posted today at On Location Vacations concerns AMC and Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead and, you knew this was coming, the production is now looking for people in the Atlanta, Georgia area to play zombies!

The notice says, potential spoilers ahead, “One of the scenes they will be filming in the neighborhood includes a main character arriving in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. The seems to be void of life when he arrives but he soon finds himself surrounded by the living dead and is quickly engaged in a tense fight to save his own life.

The final scenes of the pilot episode and scenes for the second episode would be filmed during daylight hours over the course of two (2) weekends. The first weekend would be scheduled for June 11–13; the second weekend is scheduled for July 2–4.”

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Source: On Location Vacations