SyFy Announces Two New Reality Shows


One for the Paranormal, one for the FX biz

It seems like ages ago when I was asked to sit down and be interviewed for Face Off, a television pilot steeped in the world of make-up FX. Pal, and host, Tiffany Sheppis roped me in at the time, and since the interview, I haven’t heard a peep on Face Off‘s whereabouts until now.

SyFy announced it has picked up the show – a “competition series exploring the world of make-up artists who have an expertise in special effects” – along with Paranormal Witness. The latter concerns people who have encountered the supernatural or aliens.

I have no clue if the original Face Off team I dealt with is still involved, or if Shepis is hosting for that matter, but Michael Agbabian and Dwight Smith are executive producing.

Source: Variety