Indie Watch: Movie About Stephen King Shooting in Maine


Cast and crew are being sought

A call for cast and crew made today landed on our radar and involves a film prepping to shoot in Maine this August.

Monroe Mann, of Unstoppable Artists, is looking for key players in a “story centers around Stephen King. No more can be said about the story at this time except that it is unique, with a concept that everyone seems to like and a fun twist ending,” says the announcement. Mann breaks down what he’s looking for (right down to the cup size on his actresses?!) at the Rhode Island Film Collaborative site.

So, with scant details to go on, what can we expect from the film? Something akin to George Lucas in Love? Full of in-jokes that puts the author front and center as the main character? Or perhaps something in the vein of Necronomincon, which found H.P. Lovecraft up against, well, Lovecraftian evil?

Feel free to speculate. And East Coast ladies, if you’re funny and have the proper bra size, Mann’s your man.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor