Chris Martin, Dave Grohl in Bloodsoaked Slashed


Horror film slowly released on the web

Call it old age (33, yippee) or my complete ignorance when it comes to modern rock, but before writing this news item, I had know f’in clue who ASH was. Fans of the group, however, know they were apparently shooting a horror film in 2003, a grassroots effort while they were on tour that called upon Dave Grohl, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Moby and a few others to star. Bits and pieces of this unfinished project – about as indie-looking as indie can be – leaked out on the web over the last few years, but ASH recently released the following video, apparently the most that has been seen from the film. There were plans to get the film on DVD in 2004, alas, that never happened.

Source: ASH