Featherston Not Returning for Paranormal Activity 2?


Actress offers sequel update

Believe it or not, Paranormal Activity 2 is now nearing principal photography. Amazing, considering it opens on October 22. No one knows who is in it. But Kip Williams is directing, we know that much! When I was on the set of Insidious, which wrapped about two weeks ago, much of the crew was moving on to the PA sequel.

Katie Featherston, star of the first film, isn’t so sure she’s reprising her role. “I don’t know. I’m waiting to hear,” the actress tells MTV. “If they had a way to put me in there in a way that would be reasonable and make sense — I don’t know how they’d do that — I’d definitely be down for it. If I get that phone call, I will be there. I will be scared or happy or whatever they want me to be.”

It’s not looking good. Expect casting news to arrive soon!

Source: MTV