Director Talks Undying Starring Kurt Russell


The supernatural mystery thriller

It was officially announced today that director Jon Amiel (Copycat) will be sitting at the helm of Undying, a project we first introduced you to when Kurt Russell signed on to star.

“I’m truly excited to be involved with this project,” Amiel says. “‘Undying’ is a wondrously original movie – part gumshoe noir, part supernatural thriller – it manages to combine richly detailed and real characters with all the wild, dark visuals of a graphic novel. Kurt Russell as Virgil Lone will be extraordinary I think. He’s an actor who’s widely loved and widely admired for two obvious reasons – he’s a really good guy and he’s a very fine actor!”

A bit of praise there…

Written by Gary Whitta (Book of Eli), the film tells the tale of Virgil Lone (Russell), a private investigator who finds himself immersed in a surreal underworld, where the boundaries of life and death, and right and wrong, are blurred. Filming begins this fall for Media 8 and Circle of Confusion.

Source: Shock Till You Drop