Beastly No Longer a Summer Release


A “dilemma” resolved

CBS Films confirmed today that Beastly, the “Beauty and the Beast” creature flick, is moving out of its July 30 slot.

Our brother site says it’s because of some lame nonsense about a Vanessa Hudgens flick (that would be Beastly) opening against her real-life boyfriend’s film Charlie St. Cloud. Like, whatever. I wonder if they got in a texting relationship dispute about the whole thing.

CBS issues the following statement: Beastly fans-You guys are awesome-so we wanted to make sure you were the first to hear the official news, Beastly is moving off of July 30th. We’ve been hearing from fans, so we know that having both Zac and Vanessa’s movies opening on the same day could be a real dilemma for people, so we are moving Beastly. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest, so keep checking back here for all things Beastly.

What a dilemma. My head hurts…